Office Water Coolers

Fresno and Lindsay Office Water Solutions


Let Culligan of Fresno and Lindsay handle all of your office water needs. Show your employees you care by providing them with crisp, clearer Culligan® water that will keep them hydrated, happy and working hard.

Or, save your office space, time, money, and the planet with our Bottleless® Cooler. Our best alternative to bottled water, a Bottleless office water cooler means an unlimited supply of cleaner water for your employees and less hassle for you.

Our Bottled Water Cooler is a quality upgrade to tap water, water filter pitchers and water fountains. Install one in your office for better-tasting and safer Culligan water that will boost employee health and morale.

Which solution does your office need? Find out with our hydration calculator.


Learn more about how you can have better water.

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What Clients Say
Culligan Water has been great for me & my son, We have had them for two residents where we have lived and my son in a wheelchair it has been hard for him to get into kitchen & they always delivered on time and were very Professional and Curious. we had another service before and I am really glad we had switched to Culligan Water. Thank You for having Great Service
Culligan Customer
Gabrielle Wolfe
- Culligan Customer